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The “Nay” Player

Reda Bedair

Reda Bedair, the “Nay” player, had an artistic upbringing. His father worked as a chemical expert, yet he adored music and liked to listen to it. Since his early childhood, Reda has been talented in art and music. So, he asked his father for a musical instrument to play. The beginning was the Flute. Since he was eight years old, he started playing this instrument alone and without a teacher because he was talented. After some time, Reda found out from playing on the Flute, that this instrument could not produce Oriental notes and it is only limited to western ones. Reda Bedair found that the instrument equivalent to the Flute is the “Nay” so he started to play on both instruments at the same time. Finally, Reda found that the “Nay” very sufficient for him, so he began his artistic career with it. Reda Bedair has been influenced by the playing of Sayed Salem, Hussein Fadil, Sayed Abu-Shiffa, and particularly by artist Mahmoud Effat. Afterwards, his brother Mohammed Bedair found that Reda should learn the principles and rules of music and this instrument, so his brother reverted to senior professors in Alexandria city.

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